Self Titled 7" (Katorga Works)

by Altered Boys

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released November 17, 2012


all rights reserved



Altered Boys New Jersey

New Jersey idiots

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Track Name: Crashing Down
pure disgust
no one to trust
vile world turns everything to rust
everyone out for themselves
drifting to a living hell
all the shit i see takes its toll on me
its crashing down just look around
as society crumbles without a sound
Track Name: Who are you?
you work so hard to hide whats inside
just a coward, all you do is lie
steal everything that you see
your whole life is a forgery
everything youve said i've heard it before
shut the fuck up i cant take anymore
[regurgitate because you can't create, everyone knows that youre fake]
do you really believe (your bullshit)
or do you see what i see?
someone so concerned with how they appear to be
do you see what i see or do you really believe
the lies that you spread, just a thief who so badly wants a certain image perceived
just a child in hiding, the real you runs and hides
Track Name: Ask a punk
are you happy with the way things are?
so safe, so lame, so familiar
its dying and elusive
this bullshit just isnt working
ask a punk why theres no one new
shows only for the chosen few
in the know just to get in
so snobby and exclusive
im bored, and i deplore
theres gotta be a better way
repeat, defeat, always the fucking same
if theres no one new to pass this on to
why are we even here?
getting tired of the same faces and the same boring ideas
Track Name: Drug War
medicate me, sedate me, alleviates me? only negates me
modified, desensitized, i'd rather panic at least i know im alive
anxiety is right for me, i'll never know normalcy
i know that its better than feeling nothing
Track Name: Reality Check
day after day put in my place as life spits in my face
no matter how much i've changed the end result stays the same
so disillusioned so disconnected always winds up in rejection
and i know its my price to pay
can never make up for my mistakes
for everything i threw away i fight myself every day
so ill go on all alone
hows it end? i'll fucking choke
Track Name: Missionary Position
your divinity sounds like bullshit to me
i want answers i can see
know my solutions are within my reach
only will depend on me
i've looked up for guidance but i got no help
i've been down low, but i know theres no hell
trying to save the world or expand your herd
bringing help while destroying cultures
not for charity but your own serenity
you self righteous selfish fuck

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