Self Titled 7" (Deranged Records)

by Altered Boys



released February 25, 2013


all rights reserved



Altered Boys New Jersey

New Jersey idiots

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Track Name: The Blame
you manipulate to get your way
left all alone, i feel betrayed
played your game, got my pity
had your fucking way with me
and it still fucks with my head
i wont let you in again
i'd sacrifice without thinking twice
walk all over me, you know i won't mind
just another one who takes what they can get
in and out of my life you fucking split
and it still fucks with my head
i wont let you in again
i can't comprehend, why'd you lie cheat hurt and fuck over a friend?
i hate what i've let you do and what you've put me through
"take me piece by piece till there aint nothing left worth taking away from me"
don't worry i know you'll find some way to blame me
don't worry i always find a way to blame me
Track Name: Powerless
i'd sell my soul for the slightest sense of control
i'll never know how it feels to let it all go
feel so powerless against all this shit
if i have no say do i even exist?
i can't let go of what i know
as it drags me down i can't break its hold
i try and i try to find reasons why we're all lost, is this life even mine?
i try and try to find reasons why but there's none.
Track Name: Timebomb
its so hard keeping my head on straight
when life throws so much shit in my way
burning inside for so long, just watch the fuse go
i’m a walking timebomb
a threat to those around me so i push away
my tolerance drops as my frustration builds day after day
if you get too close i’m taking you out with me
not another fucking step
no regrets, no apologies
Track Name: Get Used To It
this reality is not for me, its only constant misery
i trudge along with no relief
forever a fuckup, so sick of defeat
sleep evades, sense decay
turned away, nothings fucking changed
nothing satisfies the complications in my mind
the bleeding never stops, need to cauterize
another bullshit day soaked in through bloodshot eyes
i just hope i learn to cope before i fucking die
Track Name: Ugliness
the world keeps pushing like it wants me to break
fighting to hold on to my sanity
each day the grip tightens around my neck
can’t even hide that i’m a fucking wreck
sick of sleepless night after night
sick of every day being a fight
sick of hating every thing that i see
the world keeps pushing like it wants me to break
fighting to hold on to my sanity
can’t take all these assholes around me
i gotta get away, get some relief
sick of always disagreeing
sick of wondering if its them or me
sick of believing in nothing
there’s only ugliness inside of me
deep down inside i know i’ll never be free
why’s everything so disgusting?
can’t tell if its the world or me
why does everything disgust me?
can’t tell if its the world...

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